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How To Choose Silicon Guns?

Posted by Admin on January, 20, 2021

Caulking guns or silicon guns are one of the essential tools among the hardware instruments. The role of a silicon gun is to join the two surfaces. People use this to seal the gap for example, the gap between window frames. There is a sealant inside the gun that seals the gap. Usually, you will find most of the guns are manual; so, one has to squeeze the trigger to dispense sealant.

There are powered silicon guns as well but as per the Silicon Gun Supplier in UAE, those are not popular yet. Finding the most budget-friendly product is quite a task; and you are going to get some tips. There are few factors that will help you to choose the right product so read thoroughly.

Key Consideration

Check Out the Rod
When you go to buy a caulking gun from a Silicon Gun Wholesale Supplier in UAE, you need to check the rod out. It is present in all manual silicon guns and it is attached to the squeezing trigger and the sealant tube. When you put force on the trigger the rod pushes the sealant out of the tube. There are two types of rods available depending on their performance.

Ratchet Rod
If you are looking for the most inexpensive tool then you silicon gun with ratchet rod is the best one. It is an appropriate option for lighter works. The only con of the rod is that you need to twist the end unless the sealant keeps oozing out.

Smooth Rod
As the name suggests, the silicon gun with a smooth rod will make your work easier. You can squeeze out the amount of sealant you need. There will be no mess, so it is an appropriate option.

Right Thrust Ratio
When you go to purchase a silicon gun from a Silicon Gun Supplier in UAE, you need to check out the thrust ratio. Thrust ratio means the amount of pressure you are putting at the time of squeezing. Higher thrust ratio means higher pressure on the trigger. It is an important factor because the consistency of sealant often differs. So, thicker consistency requires more thrust, so you need to look out for a gun with thrust ratio from 3:1 to 18:1.

Revolving Frame
You need to look out for a silicon gun with a flexible frame. If you get a revolving frame then you can move the gun freely. It will make your work easier while you are working in smaller space. You will be able to get a smoother performance at the rounded corner.

So, these are the factors that you need to consider while purchasing a silicon gun. However, to get a superior quality product you need a trusted brand. If you are making online purchase you need to go to the website and check all the products out.

You need to read the description that comes under each product. Lastly, you need to check out how much the supplier is charging against their product.

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