Bright Aluminium & Glass Trading LLC

Geeyes Products

From our unit in the United Arab Emirates we have emerged as one of the remarkable suppliers of Geeyes Products. We offer two types of products, the Geeyes Door Closer and the Geeyes Klick Lock. We guarantee that all the products we offer are of good quality. In addition to low prices especially for large orders we also offer good packaging and timely delivery of all orders.

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Geeyes Door Closer

Based in the United Arab Emirates we are one of the unique suppliers of the Geeyes Door Closer. These overhead door closers can be easily installed on the jamb of the door to facilitate the door to open and close smoothly. Call us to confirm prices of the different kinds of door closers that we offer. Timely damage-free


Geeyes Klick Lock

The Geeyes Klick Lock that we offer has made us one of the distinctive suppliers based in the United Arab Emirates. These locks that we offer are specifically designed for use with sliding windows or doors. The locks are offered with or without keys. All necessary components required to fit the lock are provided.